Maps I Make

I make custom maps of all sorts. Most of my work is for science-related publications and university teaching, but I’m game for just about anything. Good maps are magnetic – they draw people in from across a room. The best maps are those that tell a great story – a visual story – without an overabundance of text.

Big or small, please contact me if you need a map made, or a bunch of GIS work done, or for help with a spatial analysis project, or just to ask a question. You can contact me HERE anytime. For a list of map projects I’ve worked on, see the Portfolio post or my LinkedIn profile.

The images below show my cartographic style. They are clipped portions of a few maps I’ve made over the years. A list of my maps is in Portfolio or on my LinkedIn Profile.

landuseseismicirrigation2bogus1cartowatercolorclimbingciropedonsurficialoilbearhabarchwyofloodplainterracesnewmextopocrossectanorthgeolnespwrangeltransectmanagedpbstratasoildistubhabitattrafficprioritypinipedparksquarryglacialparcelemmettsbrpothannasatsurficial2niterokanoganoldcartoblueicemapfieldtripfacets2 walls soil soildepth tolman shorelines sauk simplegolf rattlesnake samish acoaxet telemetrywolfhumorcollegecougsculvertsexplodedbasin