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Ski area suitability prospecting (China), Consultant to EcoSign Mountain Resort Planners
Polar Bear Range Map, Chukchi-Beaufort-Bering Sea Region, Audubon Arctic Atlas
Polar Bear Seasonal Habitat Map, Chukchi-Beaufort-Bering Seas, Audubon Arctic Atlas
Petroleum Exploration Basins Map, Chukchi-Beaufort-Bering Seas, Audubon Arctic Atlas
Ocean Currents Map, Chukchi-Beaufort-Bering Sea Region, Audubon Arctic Atlas
Pacific Walrus Range Map, Chukchi-Beaufort-Bering Sea Region, Audubon Arctic Atlas
Parks & Preserves of Alaska Map, Audubon Alaska 2017 Arctic Atlas
Marine Geography Map, Chukchi-Beaufort-Bering Sea Region, Audubon Arctic Atlas

Characterizing River Channels with GIS, GIS4Geomorphology.com – HERE
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I Built It: Before & After Photos for the Pueblo Street House Remodel 2011-2015 – HERE
Clastic Dikes of Columbia Basin, WA-OR-ID – Research Article

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Conference Program Organizer, 39th Tobacco Root Geological Society Field Conf., Republic WA
Gray Wolf Distribution in Pacific Northwest Map for U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service website – HERE
Wikipedia: ‘Seismite’ page (full revision/build
Medical Device Development Logo – PDF

Tree Inventory Map of Boise State University (in progress)
Mapping Boise’s Soundscape Proposal – PDF

Mountain Bike Trails Map for Bogus Basin – see Maps
Oneida Narrows Surficial Geologic Map – IGS PDF
GIS4Geomorphology.com website launched
Wikipedia: ‘Clastic Dike’ page (full revision/build)

Clastic Dikes Research Bibliography – PDF
Thatcher Hill, ID Quadrangle Geologic Map – ISU/IGS PDF
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Stone Walls of Southern New England GSA Abstract – Link
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Flyfishing Art for Marshall – PDF
Rocking Chair Company Logo – PDF

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Integrated Soils-Geology-Landform Mapping in the Undergraduate Classroom GSA Abstract – PDF
Soils-Archaeology Planning Map – McClure Ranch – PDF

Culvert Failure Rate Analysis for Omak Ck Watershed, Colville Indian Reservation – PDF
Geoscience Bibliography for Colville Indian Reservation – PDF
Field Method for Assessing Logging Impacts to Soils – PDF
Animal Radio Telemetry Premapping with GIS – PDF
Rebuilding GPS Animal Collar Battery Packs – PDF
Contour-felled Log Erosion Barriers – PDF

Surface Mining Permit Form Redesign, Colville Indian Reservation – PDF
Geomorphology of Site 45-FE-497, Kettle River, WA, Cirque Geoscience / Colville Tribes – PDF
Cirque Geosciences consulting company established in WA
Soils Depth Map, Colville Indian Reservation – PDF
Tiverton Wedding Map – PDF
Alpine Club Washington Pass Climbing Routes Map – PDF
BAER Team Tshirt Logo – PDF
Duxbury Lobster Lob Tshirt Logo –

Watershed Sensitivity Analysis, Colville Indian Reservation – PDF

Soil Survey Quick Find Guide, Colville Indian Reservation – PDF
Soil Series Summary Grid, Colville Indian Reservation – PDF
Soil Sensitivity Analysis, Colville Indian Reservation – PDF

Soil Planning Map – Nespelem – PDF
Soil Planning Map – Omak Millsite – PDF
Metron Land Surveying Website Design – PDF
Lummi Quarry Permit Map –
Listen Acoustics Website Design – PDF
Fidalgo Island Armored Shoreline Map – PDF

Image Analysis of the Poe Mountain Anorthosite WY, MS Geology Thesis (UWyo) Abstract – PDF
Clastic Dikes of Walla Walla Valley WA, Undergraduate Geology Thesis (Whitman) Abstract – PDF