Useful GIS Links

Cool GIS Websites
UCSD’s Ocean Tectonics Mapping
Twisted Sifter’s 40 Maps
NYC Wayfinder
Wind Map
Japan Earthquake Animation
Satellite Image Puzzler
Submarine Cable Map
Netherlands Buildings
MISR Where on Earth?
Geomorph Movies
CGP Grey Videos
USGS Wind Turbine Map
Texas Election Maps & History

Stack Exchange
Questions and answers by GIS users for GIS users.

ESRI / ArcGIS Forums
Spatial Analyst Forum
ArcGIS Desktop General Forum
Imagery & Raster Data Forum
Spatial Statistics Forum
Gurus with answers: Jeffrey Evans, William Huber, Hawthorne Beyer

USGS Topo Quad Indexes
USGS Map Locator online map service
Geospatial Data Gateway: Quad indexes by County (12k, 24k, 100k, 1-deg, 250k)
National Map Viewer, See the Reference Polygons > Map Indices layer for map index
National Map Viewer, For download of topo maps in .geoPDF
Shapefile of 1:24k Quad Index:
National Geologic Map Database > TopoView online map service
Layer Package (.lpk) of 1:24k Index for U.S. from ESRI HERE
Scanned, zipped .tif images of Indexes by State from

Quantitative Methods in Spatial Ecology by Jeffrey Evans

People finder that actually works. LINK

Riparian Topography Toolbox
Awesome new LiDAR tools for detrending elevation by T. Dilts & J. Yang HERE
ArcUser article by Dilts et al. (2010) on predictive mapping of riparian vegetation PDF

Many useful conversion tools (KML, .shp, .xls, .kml…)

A great little program for download, upload, conversion of GPS data

Quad Index Grids for for Google Earth (1:24k)
SDSU’s KML Geology website provides the .kmz HERE

Benthic Terrain Modeler
Contains a number of algorithms that are equally applicable to the terrestrial environment.
Download via GitHub or Download via ESRI
Running List of Requested Improvements HERE

Geoinformation Science & Env Modeling / Surface Processes Group
Helena Mitasova’s group: Open source GIS, modeling, lidar, land surface processes, and more.

Idaho LiDAR Consortium
LiDAR research, data downloads, news, and tools.

Data Portal , LiDAR specs doc

XTools Pro
Those that grew up on ArcView 3.x, you know how useful XTools was. Here’s the latest by DataEast.

Earth According to WGS84
Everything you want to know about WGS 84.

GME: Geospatial Modeling Environment
Rigorous spatial analysis and modeling with ties to R through this ArcGIS extension developed by GIS guru Hawthorne Beyer (Hawth’s Tools).

Geospatial Analysis Online Textbook
Authors Michael de Smith, Paul Longley, and Mike Goodchild cover a wide range of concepts, techniques, and software in this free online book.

DEM Surface Tools
Jeff Jenness is one of the great innovators in GIS. Read install instructions carefully.

Raster Extractor
Please support the work of Jeff Jenness.

Libre Map Project
Free downloadable 1:24,000 scale topographic quads (DRGs), no BS.

NetMap: Community Watershed Database by ESI
Watershed data for WA, OR, ID, northern CA and more.

Quantitative Skills in the Geosciences
Lots of useful tools for teachers and students in the Geosciences.

Visualizations & Videos for Geomorphology

CSDMS – Community Surface Dynamics Modeling System
GIS tools, models, student labs, videos, research news, data and more.

TauDEM by Dr. David Tarboton

The Channel Restorationist
A suite of useful tools, links to data sources, and general fluvial geomorph information with an East Coast focus. Check out the latest from professional hydrologist, Bill McDavitt.

National Hydrography Dataset (NHD)
Helpful NHD Videos:

WBD=Watershed Boundary Dataset, HUC=Hydrologic Unit Code

Geomorphic Road Analysis & Inventory Package (GRAIP)
NSF-sponsored, LIDAR-focused.

Little Book of Geomorphology

John Pelletier at University of Arizona
Advanced GIS/MatLab, programming-focus.

GIS software for analysis & visualization of digital terrain, watersheds, river networks.

Peltier Technical Services, Inc.
Excel resources. by Dr. Ben Crosby at Idaho State
Extract stream profiles, analyze concavity and steepness with Stream Profiler tool (ArcGIS/MatLab).

Joe Wheaton at Utah State Watershed Sciences
Fluvial research-focus.
LiDAR and fluvial hydrology related tools, news, research, links.

Gary Parker’s Morphodynamics
Quantitative fluvial hydro focus, sed transport Excel, morphodynamics eBook, lectures, reprints, tools, landscape evolution modeling.

Excel Add-ins by Dr. Wagner Kamakura at Duke

TecDEM: Tool for Tectonic Geomorphology
Remote Sensing Group at Technische Universitat Bergakademie Freiberg

Geomorphology Specialty Group of Association of American Geographers (AAG)

All About Frozen Ground
Permafrost and cold region dataset

KMLCSV Converter
Download through SourceForge